Sunday, January 15, 2006

This Week in Texas Methodist History Jan. 16

On January 20, 1839, Jesse Hord preached his first sermon in Houston. He was encouraged by the reception he received and predicted that Methodism might eventually amount to something in this "Babel of a city."

Jesse Hord (b. 1809) volunteered for the Texas Mission of the Mississippi Conference in 1838. He was directed to form a circuit in the Houston area. Abel Stevens had been appointed to the young cities of Galveston and Houston. Hord arrived in Houston in December, 1838, and after a few days set out on his circuit. That took him to Richmond, San Felipe, Egypt, Matagorda, and Brazoria. On January 16 he preached in Brazoria to "several sweet Christians, all of whom, with overflowing hearts and eyes, made me welcome in their village and their homes." Two days later, January 18, Hord was back in Houston where he met Abel Stevens and Schuyler Hoes, an agent of the American Bible Society assigned to Texas. On Sunday, January 20, Hord preached his first sermon in Houston at 3:00 p.m. After the service he set out with a Presbyterian preacher distributing tracts and recruiting members for a Sunday School class.

On Monday, Jan. 21, Hord departed Houston for his extensive circuit where he would preach and organize churchers. He went to Richmond, Brazoria, Quintana, and even as far as Texana. The cirucit was extremely difficult in the winter. Many of the streams in the coastal plain were swollen and all but impossible to cross. As a result, Hord did not return to Houston until March 18.

Hord went on to a distinguished career. Upon the organization of the Texas Conference in 1840 he was appointed to the Wasington Circuit. His last appointment was to Goliad in 1847. At the conclusion of that conference year Hord left the travelling connection and remained in Goliad until his death in 1886.


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