Monday, July 17, 2006

This Week in Texas Methodfist History--July 16

James M. Wesson Born In London, July 18, 1819

James Middleton Wesson was born in London on July 18, 1819. He eventually became one of the stalwart members of the Texas Conference.

While still a boy, Wesson had a recurring dream. He saw himself in a strange country in a grove of trees. People were assembled around him, and he was speaking to them. He became a sailor in 1836 and found himself in New York City. He resolved to quit the sea so he moved to Rochester, New York and learned carpentry and the carpet trade. One night a friend invited him to a revival meeting being held in honor of the centennial of Wesley's Aldersgate experience. Wesson received the Holy Spirit and resolved to perform some sort of Christian service.

Wesson then moved to Austin where he became acquainted with John Haynie. He became a class leader. While attended a camp meeting at Waugh Campground he was invited to speak. He stood before the group and suddenly realized that the setting matched his boyhood dream. Although overcome with emotion, he was able to give a brief testimony.

At that camp meeting he resolved to enter the full time ministry. He joined the Texas Conference in 1843.

Wesson rose quickly in the conference ranks. He was was a presiding elder and delegate to General Conference. He served in the effective ranks for 43 years. He was married three times and raised five children. Wesson died in 1898 and was buried at Navasota. A few years later Martin Ruter's remains were removed from Washington on the Brazos and reinterred a few yards from Wesson's grave.


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