Saturday, February 03, 2007

This Week in Texas Methodist History-February 4

Robert Alexander Laments Mass Defection to Baptists in Montgomery-February 8, 1851

Presiding Elders often reported on their quarterly meetings by publishing in the Texas Wesleyan Banner and later the Texas Christian Advocate. Those reports provide rich insights into early Texas Methodism. The following is a portion of Robert Alexander's report on the church at Montgomery pubished in the Banner on Feb. 8, 1851.

The good people of Montgomery are quite a church-going people. In time gone by much has been said of the wickedness and infidelity of the people there, but in my visits I have found numerous and attentive hearers. and a kind and hospitable people.

Last October great interest was manifest in the subject of religion, and a gracious and power revival commenced. The meeting was protracted several days, and eight were added to the M. E. Church, South. . . .Soon afterwards the Baptist brethren commenced a meeting that lasted six weeks, which produced accessions to their church, perhaps 70. . the people of color shared largely in the good work. The few colored members we had were all induced to go to the "liquid grave" and over from the white membership. May God help them. Who else will?(Baptist) doctrine is that none are safe who have not been immersed by one in "succession" from "John Baptist."


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