Saturday, September 08, 2007

Searchable version of Phelan

Regular visitors to this blog are probably familiar with Macum Phelan's two volume history of Texas Methodism A History of Early Methodism in Texas and A History of the Expansion of Methodism in Texas 1867-1902.

Despite its many faults, the Phelan history is still a valuable resource for Texas Methodist historians. Genealogists, among others, will find Phelan's summaries of preacher obituaries useful. The index is not particularly helpful, but there is now an on-line version of both volumes of Phelan. A user may download both volumes in searchable format. Here's how.

1. Go to Enter "phelan" as a search term. The search results will include both volumes.

2. Click on either of the volumes.

3. The next webpage will give you download options. You may choose pdf to get a version that includes original images. Choose "text".

4. A text version of the volume will appear. Choose "Save As" from the menu bar. You will be prompted to indicate the folder in which you wish to save the text. Save it in the folder of your choice.

5. Open Microsoft Word. Choose "File" then "Open". Go to the folder in which you saved the text version of Phelan and select it.

6. You are now able to use the search function of Microsoft Word to find any person or place that appears in Phelan.

Hope this is useful.


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