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This Week in Texas Methodist History December 23

“The King’s business requireth haste.” Jesse Hord starts his circuit. 1838

Jesse Hord volunteered for the Texas Mission of the Mississippi Conference in the summer of 1838. He and Ike Strickland crossed the Sabine on November 29, and Hord pressed on to Houston. Here is his account of Christmas and the days following:

Dec. 25 This sacred day I spend in travel through mud and
water, in transit from Houston to Richmond, on the Brazos.

Dec. 26 Spent in Richmond; preached at night to a good
congregation; good feeling ; much interest; the Holy Spirit rests
upon many.

Dec. 27 I made a detour for San Felipe, travelling through
mud and water under foot, and water falling violently from
above; and last though not the least, I met a violent norther. I
embraced the first opportunity to enter a house.

Dec. 28 After a hard day's travel I reached San Felipe;
put up with Dr. Matthews, a Methodist preacher, well educated
and intelligent, with whom I counseled with reference to leaving
an appointment ; he pronounced it impracticable under existing
circumstances ; so I declined any subsequent visit.

Dec. 29 This morning I started for Egypt. Between me
and it is a vast flat, muddy prairie, in width forty miles ; but by
a desperate effort I made the ride. I called at the first house
and asked to be entertained for the night. The gentleman of-
fered some objections. "Sir, if you please, I am wet, tired and
worn out. I am a Methodist missionary, and wish to preach in
the settlement on to-morrow. " ' ' Enough ; get down. " ' ' Thank
you, sir. ' ' I went in and was made comfortable and happy, too,
for the night. This was my first acquaintance with Dr. John
Sutherland, of precious memory.

Dec. 30 I preached this morning to a good congregation,
which came together on short notice. The "word was with
power." All seemed glad and quite happy; for the time I
forgot my cold, wet fatiguing ride to this settlement. Among
them was a number of "old-time Methodists." The congrega-
tion seemed to vie with each other in hearty expressions of wel-
come. Here I felt as if I should love to rest; "but the King's
business requireth haste."


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