Saturday, May 31, 2008

This Week in Texas Methodist History June 1

Bud Robinson Receives the Second Blessing in a Cornfield June 2, 1890

A powerful religious movement often called the Holiness Movement engulfed Texas and much of the rest of the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.. Most of the Protestant denominations were influenced by Holiness, but since its theological underpinnings were derived from John Wesley, most of the action, especially in the early years, was played out in the Methodist denominations.

Fortunately for Texas Methodist historians, one of the leading Holiness preachers left an autobiographical record that is full of insights into the movement.

Bud Robinson’s Holiness journey began in 1886 at Alvarado with the preaching mission of Dr. W. B. Godbey. Robinson learned of the “second blessing” or sanctification and yearned to receive that blessing. He finally decided that if he would preach sanctification, he would receive it. He did so for two years. Finally on June 2, 1890, four years after hearing Dr. Godbey, Bud Robinson received the second blessing while working in a cornfield in Hill County. One can read the compelling story at

Robinson then felt the need for more education so that he could be a better preacher. He entered the preparatory department of Southwestern University in September 1891. The reader will find that described at

Although Robinson was at times affiliated with the MECS, MEC, and Salvation Army, the Church of the Nazarene became his home. He became a powerful evangelist and best selling author who continued to spread Holiness for decades. One may read a short bio at


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