Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Week in Texas Methodist History January 18

D. N. V. Sullivan and Abner Manley Present Credentials, Receive Local Preacher Licenses last Week of January, 1838

One of Martin Ruter’s missionary duties was conducting quarterly conferences to the scattered Methodist communities in the Republic of Texas. At once such conference held at Center Hill about the last week of January, 1838, Abner P. Manley and D. N. V. Sullivan requested licensure as local preachers. Sullivan was a teacher who had been a local preacher in Alabama. Manley was a medical doctor. Both men accepted appointments when the Texas Conference was organized on December 25, 1840. Manley went to Brazoria and Sullivan to Matagorda. Sullivan continued in full connection, serving Montgomery, Nashville, Brazos, Brazoria, and finally as P.E. of the Washington District. He died in Houston on Feb. 20, 1847.

Manley had a medical practice in Fayette County. He entered the pages of Texas medical history by serving as surgeon under Nicholas Dawson in the 1842 campaign to repel the Mexican invasion of Texas. He survived the famous Dawson Massacre, but the 39 members of the company who did not and the members of the Mier Expedition who suffered death were later memorialized at Memorial Hill in Fayette County.


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