Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Week in Texas Methodist HIstory March 27

Texas Christian Advocate Prints “Why I am not a Methodice” letter 1879

All newspaper editors sometimes receive letters not really up to proper journalistic or grammatical standards. Editors almost always discard them without comment. In 1879 Texas Christian Advocate Editor I. G. John couldn’t help himself. He received a substandard letter and printed it. Here it is as it originally appeared:

Why I am not a Methodice

Dear Editor—i thought i would Tell you why i am not a Methodice i Sea in you
Church that you have many differant classes of Members from Bisips to infant Babe i never seen a Sample in the new Testament when the apotals Ever Baptise Infants Or had Different Grades of members a Norther Rezan the 9 article of the Dissiplin says we air save by faith only 1 John, 3.7 Says different also James 2 21-25 & Revlations 22.14 Tell a Different Story now mr Editor this is why i cant swallow that dissiplin.

I. G. John mercifully withheld the name of the letter writer.


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