Saturday, September 17, 2011

This Week in Texas Methodist HIstory September 18

Pasadena First United Methodist Church Dedicates Historical Markers September 18, 2011

On Sunday September 18, 2011, First United Methodist Church of Pasadena Texas will observe a very special historical event. On that day Bishop Huie will lead services in which not one, but two, historical markers will be dedicated.

One marker is the United Methodist Historic Site Designation #458. That marker is issued by the General Commission on Archives and History after approval by Annual Conference. The Texas Annual Conference also approved historic site designations for Grace UMC in Houston Heights and Greggton UMC. Other UM Historic sites for 2011 included Old Mutare Mission in Mutare, Zimbabwe, the Mary Johnston Hospital in Manila, Philippines, and the College of West Africa in Monrovia, Liberia.

The other marker is awarded by the Texas Historical Commission, an arm of state government that works with county historical commissions to identify and preserve the historic resources of Texas.

Pasadena FUMC is the oldest church in Pasadena and began in 1896. They followed the usual Methodist practice of meeting in homes and the school until they were able to build their own church building in 1907. That building was replaced by others in 1933 and in 1955. Those churches were at the corner of Broadway and Shaver. In 1986 the church relocated to Fairmont Parkway.

Pasadena FUMC has an active Historical Society which maintains historical displays of artifacts and photos in Room 221.


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