Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Week in Texas Methodist History July 14

William Faris Informs Fowler of Death of Moses Speer  July 18, 1840

Most of the Methodist preachers who immigrated to the Republic of Texas were relatively young men, but Moses Speer was a notable exception.  He was already over 70 years old when he came to Texas.  He began preaching in Kentucky about 1804 and then moved to Tennessee.  He later preached in the Red River circuits which were then part of the Arkansas Conference before coming to the Texas Mission of the Mississippi Conference in 1838. 

Littleton Fowler assigned him to the settlements in southeastern Texas, and in that capacity is remembered as the founding pastor for the Methodist church at Jasper.  At the next annual conference he was appointed to Montgomery.  In July 1840 he died at Robinson’s Settlement on the Montgomery Circuit and was buried there. 

William Faris attended Speer in his last days and then wrote a letter to Littleton Fowler describing Speer’s last hours and his wishes concerning the disposition of his property. 

Speer directed Faris to send his horse and saddlebags to Fowler.  How fitting—the circuit rider’s earthly journey was over, but his horse would continue to carry the gospel.


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