Saturday, April 08, 2017

This Week in Texas Methodist History April 9

Bishop Paul Martin Participates in Ecumenical Food Aid Project in Galveston,  1966

Surrounded by clouds of grain dust, cranes, and Galveston dock workers, Bishop Paul E. Martin participated with other church leaders in blessing a cargo of 21,000 tons of wheat being shipped to Bombay, India where it would be distributed by Indian churches.  The Rev. Jester White, Galveston District Superintendent, was there along with about 45 Methodist preachers and spouses.  The Rev. Norman Sundwall, director of CROP was there as well as Msgr. Daniel O’Donnell of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Galveston.  Canon Gerald McAlister, President of the Texas Council of Churches was also on the docks that day. 

The wheat was donated by the U. S. government through the AID program, but the transportation and distribution were paid for through Church World Service and Catholic Relief Services.  Bishop Martin and Canon McAlister stood beside a 500 pound sack of wheat, and Bishop Martin said, “Perhaps this is one of the most sacred moments you and I have ever known.”


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