Saturday, August 19, 2006

This Week in Texas Methodist History August 20

Preachers Bind Themselves in Covenant Group--August 24, 1840

This week's column is presented without commentary.

Resolutions & Promises Made by Daniel Carl, Nathan Shook, and John Wollam
for Purposes Herein Mentioned

August 24, 1840

That we may live as becomes us as Preachers of the Gospel and be preserved from the maney evils to which we are exposed as Methodist Travelling Preachers we have resolved and pledged to God and ourselves that we will endeavor to love as Brothers and watch over each other for good while in each other's company and tell each other plainly and honestly of all the faults we may see in each other. (2) We will fast as health may permit every Friday and pray especially for each other. (3d) We will pray in the families we may visit & say something to them about the salvation of their souls that is when we may be with each other or not in company with other Preachers. (4)We will enquire after each other & when ever we hear of aney thing in which our interested and happiness in this world or Eternity may be affected occurring either by our own actions or others we will communicate as soon as possible, cautioning, warning, &c, as the case may be to remind us of our vows, (5) We will attend and pray for the blessing of God on each other's labours when together and endeavor to act as though we are brothers in the flesh and when God shall raise up others and thrust out others in Texas into itinterant ranks we will endeavor as soon as possible to unite them with us in our resolutions, Promises and Practives.

(signatures) Daniel Carl, J. C. Woolam, Nathan Shook, J. H. Collard, H. D. Palmer, Robert Crawford


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