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This Week in Texas Methodist History, March 25

Postal Notes from 1879

Last week's column highlighted the career of Rev. I. G. John as editor of the Texas Christian Advocate from 1866 to 1884. One feature of John's editorship was his encouraging his readers to send postal cards which he would print in a column titled Postal Notes. Most of the contributors were preachers who told about revivals, protracted meetings, and quarterly conferences. The Notes were also liberally sprinkled with information about the weather, crops, marriages, and deaths. Here is a sample from the last week of March, 1879.

Bandera, Bandera Co., Thirty-one joined the cold water army here, forty at Centre Point.

Gonzales, Gonzales Co., Our quarterly meeting for Leesville Circuit embraced last Sunday, had a good time. Bro. Keith is faithful and is doing good service, but is poorly paid.

Helena, Karnes, Co., Dear Uncle John, I am eight years old. I am reading the New Testament. I love to read it. I hope to grow up to be a great and good man like our immortal Bishop. Thomas Marvin Cox

Boston, Bowie Co., Have just returned from Dekalb where I held a two day meeting. DeKalb is a "hard place." Infidelity is exercising a baneful influence over the rising generation there. Card playing, drinking, pistol-shooting, and other vices are being carried out on the sabbath. W. W. Horner.

Buffalo, Leon Co., This is a pleasant little railroad depot. We have three dry goods houses, two family groceries, and a drug store. . . .also one whiskey shop. It is doing a better business than all the rest, yet is finds little of its trade in this town. This is a very moral community, a church-going poeple. Three societies, Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian. W. F. Compton

Marshall, Harrison Co., Left home last Sunday to preach at Millwood on the Hallsville Circuit--a small but attentive congregation. Returned home yesterday and found our hostess had been left a widow. Her husband F. M. Scott, Jr. died. His disease was dropsy. He died without a groan or a struggle. Lacy Boone

Denton, Denton Co., I report Denton Circuit is in good condition. . . .Our country is settling up with intellient and thrifty people. By the way, Denton is one of the best counties in North Texas. J. W. Lively


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