Saturday, July 19, 2008

This Week in Texas Methodist History July 20

Rev. Z. H. Matthews Signs First Marriage License Recorded in Houston

The first recorded marriage license in Harrisburg County (now Harris County) was signed by the Rev. Z. H. Matthews who officiated at the wedding of Mary Smith and Hugh McCrory. McCrory was a solider in the Army of the Republic of Texas. Smith was born in Arkansas Territory but moved to Brazoria and participated in the Runaway Scrape. The family later relocated to Houston where Smith married McCrory the week before her 18th birthday.

The marriage did not last. McCrory died the following September. The young widow did not remain single. She married Anson Jones in 1840. Jones was elected president of the Republic of Texas so Mary became first lady. They established their home at Barrington. Their house still exists and has been relocated to Washington on the Brazos State Park.

Jones’ 1858 suicide created financial distress for the family. Mary moved several times after that. She lived in Galveston, Willis, and Houston. She served as honorary president of the Daughters of the Texas Revolution and died in 1907.

The Rev. Matthews is possibly the same as Henry Matthews who was also a physician. He is mentioned as meeting with Jesse Hord in 1838 and advising him not to try to start a church at San Felipe. Your TWITMH editor would appreciate any more information readers can contribute about Dr. Matthews.


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