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This Week in Texas Methodist History April 19

Memorial Service for Bishop Wiley Held at Wiley College April 19. 1885

On Sunday, April 19, 1885, the Wiley College community held a memorial service for the bishop for whom the institution was named. Bishop Willard Mallalieu delivered the main address.

A contemporary account described the event as follows

Services were also held in other cities and towns of
the United States, where the bishop was well known and
beloved, in honor of his memory. Many of these were of
the most interesting character. Those held at Wiley University, Marshall, Texas, occurred Sunday, April 19th.
They are of special interest in view of the bishop's connection with that institution. The large audience, consisting
principally of colored people, filled the chapel at an early
hour. The services opened by singing two verses of "Jesus,
lover of my soul." The ninety-first Psalm was then read
by Prof. N. Coleman, of the university, and prayer offered
by H. Webb, presiding elder of Marshall District.

After the singing of Hymn No. 638, President Clifford
stated the object of the services. Rev. F. Parker, a
student of the institution, read a paper on the relation
sustained by Bishop Wiley to the Freedmen's Aid Society.
Hymn No. 1038 was sung; after which R. H. Harbert, of the Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church, made a brief address. Hymn No. 991 was sung, and Bishop W. F. Mallalieu was introduced, who delivered the principal address.

Bishop Isaac Wiley died the previous November 22 in Foochow, China, where he had served from 1850 to 1854 as a medical missionary.


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