Friday, October 22, 2010

this Week in Texas Methodist HIstory October 24

Charles Shearn Born in Bath, England, October 30, 1794

One of the most distinguished Methodist lay men of the 19th century, Charles Shearn, was born on October 30, 1794, in Bath, England. He immigrated to Texas in 1835, in time to fight in the Texas Revolution. He and his son were captured by General Urrea’s troops, but when Urrea discovered they were British subjects, the Shearns were released. In 1837, Shearn moved to Houston. His move to the city named after the hero of the Battle of San Jacinto less than a year after its founding was a wise move. As Houston grew, so did Shearn’s mercantile business. He prospered.

Shearn became a civic and religious leader. He was chief justice (old term for County Judge). He was on the city council and served as road commissioner. His service to the church was so great that the Methodist church was named in his honor. He was on the building committee that Robert Alexander authorized in 1842, and was twice fiscal agent for the Texas Christian Advocate. He died in 1871. Shearn was renamed First Methodist when it moved to its present location in 1910.


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