Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Week in Texas Methodist History  (Humor Edition)  April 21

Ed. Note,  While looking for items to include in the regular column, I sometime find items of a humorous nature.  Here are three from 19th century newspapers. 

An amusing note from the Hempstead Countryman,   August 17, 1867

A young lady was asked where was her native place.  She replied, “I have none.  I am the daughter of a Methodist minister.”    

From June 17, 1868  also from the Countryman, An advertisement.  “Wanted:  A young man to look after a horse of the Methodist persuasion.” 

From the April 30, 1870, Watchman, Georgetown,

A gentleman traveling in Texas met on the road a wagon drawn by four oxen driven by a countryman, who in addition to the skillful flourish and crack of the whip, was vociferously encouraging his horned horses, after this fashion:

“Haw, presbyterian? Gee baptist! Whoah espicopalian/! Get up, methodist!”—The driver stepped up to the driver, remarking to him  that he had strange names for his oxen, and he would like to know why thus he called them. Said the driver:  I call this one presbyterian because he is true blue and never fails to pull through difficulties,, and holds out to the end; besides he knows more than the rest. I call this one baptist because he is always after water, and seems as though he’d never drink enough; then again he won’t eat with the others. I call this ox episcopalian because he has a mighty way of holding his head up, and if the yoke gets a little too tight he tries to kick and draw out of the track. I call this ox methodist because he puffs and blows and bellows as he goes along and you’d think he was pulling all creation but he don’t pull a pound unless you stir him up. 


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