Thursday, August 01, 2013

This Week in Texas Methodist History August 4

Epworth League Encampment 1908 (Continued)

Last week’s column told the story of Ruby Kendrick, a missionary from the North Texas  Conference to Korea, whose death was announced at the North Texas Conference League Meeting in the summer of 1908.  That column related how the State Epworth League raised funds for a memorial stone and scholarship.  Here is more about the state meeting at which those events occurred.

The Corpus Christi Weekly Caller gave a front page spread to the opening of the Texas Epworth League Meeting on August 6, 1908.  The event was newsworthy as thousands of young Methodists made their way through Corpus Christi to the encampment on the beach. 

In no time a small city of tents was created.  That city had regular rail passenger service, a post office, barbershop, hospital tent, restaurant, and all the other amenities the campers needed. 

The full schedule from Thursday night through Sunday night was published in the Caller.  It reveals that some of the big names in Southern Methodism were on the program.  There were two bishops, Key and Hendrix; two future bishops, Hay and Ainsworth; and prominent preachers including John Barcus and George Rankin.  The Ruby Kendrick Memorial service that resulted in the generous outpouring of mission support was led by the Rev. Frank Onderdonk, famous for his Mexican Mission work. 

You may read the whole schedule and see images of the League leaders at


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