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This Week in Texas Methodist History   September 14

Caney Creek Camp Meeting  Participants, (continued)

William Medford,   (b. c. 1789 d. 1841 at Piney, Austin Co., Texas) Received On Trial 1818 into Missouri Conference and appointed to Harrison, IN.  1819/20 appointed to Jessup, Lawrence Co., Ark. Served Vanderburgh County, Illinois in 1823. 1828  appointed to Schuyler Circuit, Illinois.  Bangs says he located in 1827.  Phelan says he located in 1830.  He came to Texas in 1833—First to Chappell Hill where he opened a four point circuit(his house, ( Walker’s, Cooper’s on Mill Creek, and Clockey’s) Deed filed 12 Oct 1837 from Thomas Bell to Medford for 300 acres in Nichols Survey west of Piney Creek where he now lives. (emphasis added) Was Assistant County Clerk and notary for Austin County and in that capacity signed many of the documents relating to land distribution in Austin County.  Texas State Library and Archives has Gibson Kuykendall’s affidavit that Medford enlisted in the Texian Army on March 1, 1836 and was discharged due to age on the 10th or 15th of April, 1836.  300 acre site in Nichols Survey contained a camp meeting ground. In 1840 renders 3 cattle for taxes. His burial on that property in 1841 led to the present-day Medford (a.k.a. Jeff Cemetery in Bellville)  Rabb memoir says  both Medford and Babbitt disgraced themselves 18 months after 1834 camp meeting

Elizabeth Medford, There are references to Elizabeth Medford keeping boarders after the death of William on 23 May 1841.  She later David Ayres of Galveston power of attorney to “attend to my business in Texas during my absence.”  That business includes division of headright between claimants and heirs and also to sell homestead  of 148 acres  to educate 3 infant children.  Instrument is witnessed by Rufus Campbell (Ayres’ son-in-law) Eliza Alexander (Ayres’ daughter) and George Rottenstess (probably George Rottenstein, a Methodist Preacher)  Elizabeth is still alive 12 Sept 1855 when Benjamin Cheek swears before Zimri Hunt, acting as notary that she is surviving widow of William Medford.

John Rabb, ( b. Fayette Co., PA, 1 Jan 1798 d. Travis County TX 5 Jun 1861)  Was one of Old 300 in Texas by 1822 after living in Ohio, Illinois, and Jonesboro, Arkansas. Received land in Austin and Fort Bend Co., and lived near San Felipe, but settled at Rabb’s Prairie in Fayette Co., Active supporter of Rutersville College.  Was treasurer in 1840. Moved to Barton Springs where he died. Has letter in TWB Oct. 5, 1850 describing early years in Texas, hosting Henry Stephenson in 1824, etc

Note that Rabb and Kenney were both born in Fayette County, PA,

Elizabeth Scott,  (b. circa 1785 Buncombe Co., NC d. 1842 Burleson Co., TX), Widow of Joseph Scott (born 1789 Va. ;died 1832 in Gay Hill, Washington Co.) who preached in area. Children (nine sons, no daughters)were born in Maury, TN and Florence, AL, Sneed says was from TN.  Elizabeth Chapel UMC in Burleson County is named for her according to historical marker on site. 

James Walker  (Orange Co., VA, 1756 d. Washington Co., TX 1837) Married Catherine Miller 09 September 1783 in Greenbrier Co., VA. Previous residences included Madison, Cumberland, and Wayne Counties, KY (two of these locations had been on circuits served by Barnabas McHenry) Moved to Texas in 1824 and claimed land in central Washington County.  His house on New Year’s Creek was a preaching point on William Medford’s circuit.  They were members of Old 300. James and Catherine Walker had fifteen or fourteen children.  They suffered losses during the Runaway Scrape.  James and Catherine emancipated slaves 14 June 1836.  They were the oldest members of the class and lived only about 10 miles north of the camp site.  Their house still exists. 

Dudley and Bethia White, (both born in GA, circa 1804) They came to Texas in Feb., 1827, received a two league grant on present Waller-Grimes County line adjacent to Benjamin Babbit’s in 1831.  They had eight children.  Dudley went to California during the Gold Rush.  The family received several letters, then they quit coming.  He presumably died in California. 

If the reader has particular interest in any one of the persons or others on the class list, please contact me.  Corrections are most welcome.


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