Saturday, December 22, 2018

This Week in Texas Methodist History December 23

This week let us follow the travels of Jesse Hord in 1838.

December 23   Am thirty miles from Houston and no intervening settlements;  a cold northwest wind howling loudly; However, I set out for the city; did not travel far before encountering a swollen creek.  No alternative I entered its turbid waters; my horse being brave, strong, and a good swimmer, bore me safely to the desired shore.  Now a vast prairie (the first I had seen), lay before me flooded with water.  No use to mind this---already wet from the swimming—so forward I go with a cold norther playing sportively on my back.  At evening the city was entered; put up at the City Hotel, crowded to uncomfortableness; yet, by pressing gained a seat in front of the blazing fire where I remained until 10 o’clock p.m. when I sought rest in sleep. 

December 24   I arose refreshed.  After breakfast went out to make acquaintances, especially two ministers said to be in the city.  I soon found Rev. Mr. Allen, Presbyterian, with whom satisfactory arrangements were made for harmonious preaching in the city.  I next visited Congress which was in session; had an introduction to several members; all of whom received me cordially; spoke in high terms of the importance of the gospel being preached in Texas; gave many good wishes for success, and promised every assistance that lay in their power to render.

December 25 This sacred day I spent in travel through mud and water, in transit from Houston to Richmond on the Brazos.  

December 26    Spent in Richmond; preached at night to a good congregation; good feeling, much interest; the Holy Spirit rests upon many, Hallelujah! “God is Love.”

December 27    Hord started for San Felipe but a fierce norther forced him to take refuge in a house along the way.

December 28   Arrived in San Felipe and conferred with local preacher Henry Matthews who advised him NOT to try to form a congregation there.

December 29   Left San Felipe and rode 40 miles to Egypt.  He stopped at the first house to ask for shelter.  It turned out to be the house of Dr. John Sutherland.

This week—December 23-29, 1838, is one of the most grueling weeks ever attempted by a Methodist circuit rider.  Little did Hord know that the New Year would bring even more privation, cold, and wet.  Hord spent the next few months mainly in Matagorda and Brazoria Counties---huge expanses of coastal prairie with little timber for shelter and many swollen creeks to cross.  He stayed true to his mission. 


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