Thursday, March 29, 2007

Join the Texas United Methodist Historical Society

You are cordially invited to join the Texas United Methodist Historical Society. Benefits include
  • a subscription to the Heritage Journal, an annual publication with essays, primary source documents, memoirs, etc. relating to the United Methodist Church in Texas
  • attendance at the annual meeting at which a theme in Texas UM history is examined from a variety of viewpoints. The 2007 meeting considered church controversies. The 2008 meeting, to be held in Austin, will consider the theme, "The 40th Anniversary of Abolition of the Central Jurisdiction."
  • The TUMHS Newsletter that keeps you informed of Texas UM opportunities, new publications, workshops, etc.
  • an association with like-minded persons who share your interest in Texas United Methodist history
Annual dues are $12.50 for individuals, $20.00 for institutions. A lifetime membership may be purchased for $200. All categories of members receive both the Heritage Journal and the Newsletter. Please remit membership dues to the Rev. John C. Johnson, 6766 Silver Saddle, Fort Worth, Tx 76126


Blogger D'ante Sparks said...

why does it matter if they are black people in a city as to whether you will move there and be successful? That is very racist. You texas people be very afraid of black people and you wonder why you are victims because you are so afraid. You should look into yourself and see why are you so racist and why it will matter to where you live.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all of us "texas people" are afraid of "black people." In fact, some of us "texas people" ARE "black people."

12:38 PM  

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