Saturday, April 27, 2013

This Week in Texas Methodist History April 28

Woman’s Home Missionary Society Conducts Innovative Fundraiser in Jefferson, April 30, 1908

The Methodist Episcopal Church once had separate woman’s organizations for home and foreign missions.  The Home Mission Society (WHMS) raised money for settlement houses; work among immigrants, and especially for the construction of parsonages.  It is obvious from the record that the women also had a great deal of fun in some of their projects. 

In April, 1908 the WHMS of Jefferson challenged each member to raise one dollar through her own labor and contribute that dollar to home missions.  There was, however, a twist.  Each member was asked to compose a poem about how she raised the money and recite that poem at the April meeting. 

Mrs. R. F. Sherrill hosted the meeting in her home, and after appropriate prayer, songs, and Bible reading, the poetical portion of the program began.  Here is how it was reported in the Jefferson Jimplecute,

. . .One member determined to “earn” her dollar working patiently and :hard running chickens out in the yard. An other, not to fall short of her dollar, sold her husband’s old clothes. One busy member assured us that her’s was made with “burning needle and schorching (sic) thread”  Several told in their own peculiar rhyme how they churned and sold butter; and one of them assured us that she gave the dollar without a mutter. One member baked Club cakes; another one sold Methodist cakes, and Methodist hens helped a member from her dilema. (sic) The last given was by the conscientious little mother with innumerable duties and several small children who confessed

Really had no time to plan
So got the money from her old man.

When the contents of the basket containing the free-will offerings were counted, the treasurer reported over $30.00 raised for the parsonage fund by these earnest workers.


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