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This Week in Texas Methodist History   October 5

Texas Conference Pastor and Wife Killed in Auto Accident, Oct. 6, 1948

On Oct. 6, 1948, tragedy struck the Texas Conference when the Rev. Kenneth and Francis Minter were hit by a logging truck between Livingston and Woodville.  They both died as a result of the collision.  

Kenneth Minter came to ministry from a background of agnosticism and unfaith. His conversion and call to the ordained ministry were in his home town of Woodville, where he had been born in December, 1889.  He entered the MEC church at Woodville (yes, reader, Woodville had both MEC and MECS churches. I’ll tell that story in some other post.)  He eventually began pastor of the MEC church at Woodville, but felt called to a evangelistic ministry after transferring to MECS.  After 12 years as an evangelist, he accepted an appointment at South Bluff, Corpus Christi, then to Midland, and then to Gonzales.  While at Gonzales, he felt the call to return to Woodville to continue his ministry so he moved back to the town of his birth.  

In October 1948 he and Mrs. Minter went back to Corpus Christi for a funeral.  On the way home, between Livingston and Woodville, they were hit by a logging truck, and both died.  The District Superintendent, W. R. Swain, presided over the funeral.  Their bodies were interred at Magnolia Cemetery in Woodville.  


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